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  • Donation to Chimwankhunda CDSS

    Donation to Chimwankhunda CDSS

    Books were donated to Chimwakhunda CDSS in January 2018 following another book drive initiative in Blantyre. Thanks to everyone who mobilised and donated. Helping us change lives one page at a time!

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  • Utawaleza Book Drive in Blantyre

    Utawaleza Book Drive in Blantyre

    Our second book drive was held in Blantyre at Village Green from 1PM. Activities included a raffle draw with bookmarks and other goodies up for grabs. Close to 100 books were collected from well wishers.

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  • Donation to Mlodza CDSS

    Donation to Mlodza CDSS

    Utawaleza made it’s first donation to Mlodza Secondary School in Lilongwe Area 23 in March 2017. Sincerest thanks to everyone who supported the project since launching the book drive in December. The hope is to keep making as much of a difference in the lives of students in Malawi by providing them with the books they need for their education…

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